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Dave Turin of Gold Rush

Photo by: MEENO


Dave Turin is on the Hunt for his Biggest Payday Yet

By: Discovery

The Gold Rush veteran is back, and he's ready to continue the hunt for nuggets on a second season of Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine.

January 17, 2020

Dave Turin is doubling down on his brand new mining operation.

Last year, Gold Rush's Dozer Dave proved there is still gold in America’s abandoned mines. Now in season 2, Dave is expanding his hunt for an even bigger payday in the historic lost mines of Montana.

There are over 3,500 mines in Montana and Dave is convinced one of them holds the motherlode. With a gold target of 400 ounces ($600,000 at today's value) Dave is out to prove he that he has the experience and instincts to lead his crew to a huge profit. Will his gamble pay off or will he go home empty handed? Find out in season 2 of Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine.

About Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine - Dave spent years working alongside mine boss Todd Hoffman on Gold Rush and earned the nickname “Dozer Dave” after spending countless hours bulldozing in the quest for gold. After leaving Gold Rush, Dave was contacted by people from across the country to help resurrect their failing mines. He knew the risks but as a savvy businessman, saw an opportunity to hit the ultimate motherlode.

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